Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm 13.37!

My Slackware 13.37 CD set arrived this past Saturday, in the mail. I didn't waste much time getting it installed to my desktop. A quick backup of the /home directory, and we're off!

The install went smooth as silk, like usual. The only real difference was the use of the open source nouveau X driver for my NVidia graphics card. So far, it seems to be working well, at least I haven't found any real issues. Google Earth works fine, as does Frozen Bubble (one of my weaknesses, sorry).

The vast majority of my slackpackages I built from Slackbuild scripts hadn't changed, a few had, either way, I was done building and installing my 3rd party packages Sunday morning, and have been working fully since. I even built and installed the VirtualBox packages, so I could run my VM's.

Looks like another winner from Pat!

Now if my OpenBSD 4.9 CD set would get here...

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